I wanted to see how easy it would be to swap formats from one tutorial style (DIY) to another (Recipe). To create this, I first broke the tutorial down to its most basic parts, and then built it back up in a traditional recipe format from there. The recipe format I copied was presented in the 1975 version of The Joy of Cooking.


Makes 1 LED Throwie
LED Throwie

Here's a really simple project that can simultaneously introduce someone to electricity, and provide a fun fridge magnet. To begin you'll need to have: Place the leads of the LED around the battery. The longer lead of the LED should be placed against the positive side, and the shorter lead to the negative. Once in place, the LED should light up. Next you'll need to grab: Push the Neodymium Magnet against either of the LED leads, pinching it between the magnet and the battery. Finally, get your: Wrap it around the magnet, battery and exposed LED lead, ensure all components are still touching when no longer pinching them all together. When applied correctly, the LED should remain on, when you're not holding onto it at all. At this point, you can face any surface you can stick a magnet to, and toss your LED throwie and see if you can get it to stick on the first try!