What you need to do:

On the following pages you'll find twelve different methods for presenting instructions on how to make an LED Throwie. The aim of this study is to investigate the viability of non-traditional instructional formats. Each tutorial presented here tries to break with one or more mechanics that crop up in just about every DIY tutorial.

While reviewing each of these tutorials, please do two things:

  1. Put yourself in the place of someone who has never made an LED Throwie.
  2. Consider each technique described for its usefulness as a standalone DIY tutorial.

Try to imagine other DIY projects (possibly ones you're currently working on) using these formats and think of how effective they might be. Likewise, see if you can think of better, equally non-typical, formats for those DIY instructions to be presented in.

Each tutorial page (listed in the left hand menu) has a rating and initial impressions field at the bottom of the page. Please rate how effective you feel each tutorial is at getting its message across. If you would like, add any initial impression comments as well. You will need to click the submit button after you enter any information.

Please take the next week to review the twelve tutorials, reflect on what you see, and then complete the survey asking for your overall opinions on the twelve techniques that were presented here.