There are two concepts behind the game. First, there are no games showing people how to build physical projects. There is software that lets you wire things together or games that let you build Rube Goldberg machines, but those are different. Second, the idea here is that you have an ant's eye view of the world. Without being able to see everything at once, and needing to actively investigate the environment, would it create any additional interest? This also means that you don't get the step-by-step element of the instruction, as you just have to investigate yourself and figure out how to make your own, kind of like reverse engineering. With more time/knowledge, I would have liked the make the individual elements able to interact, but that'll have to wait for a future iteration.


In order to play this tutorial, you will need to download and run the game from your computer. Depending on your system, you'll have to download one of the following files:

The blender file can be opened with the most recent version of Blender (I used 2.76). You can play the game from within Blender by mousing over the window with the red LED and pressing "p" on the keyboard.

Instructions to play the game can be found below.