Urban Data Posts

"The aim of the installation is to create engagement with communal and urban data in a public setting over time as well as to find novel and technical means to engage the public."

University Project Page
The Urban Data Posts are a public light installation which were located in front of Science World, Vancouver, BC. Each post demonstrates the potential power of utilizing renewable energies through abstract visualization. This project sought to explore how to create public installations which would foster engagement over time, while visualizing information in ways that repeat viewings would provide a deeper understanding.

Urban Data Posts were created by Markus Lorenz Schilling and I. They were a collaborations with Science World, SAP, and Simon Fraser University, and were informed by Vancouver's Greenest City Action Plan 2020.

Above: Interacting with a pillar tracking walking data.

Below: Final tests, and the installed solar tracking pillar.

Above: Tracking wind.