How Do I? Podcast

How Do I?

"We started trolling different DIY forums for unanswered questions, and posed those to each other..."

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A labor of love with my friend Jacob Rogers. We decided to try our hands at a podcast and see how we enjoyed it. Starting out as something on/for Instructables to see if the people there would be interested, soon blossomed into our own thing. The concept of the show was to be a sounding board for people to bounce ideas or concepts off of. We would individually brainstorm projects all the time, and felt that other people might not have that same support that we had. So we made a phone-in (email-in) style problem, which in the end was our downfall. Starting out we didn't get many hits because we didn't advertise anywhere and assumed people would just find us. We started trolling different DIY forums for unanswered questions, and posed those to each other which illicited some concepts that I thought were pretty cool. In the end, as fun as it was, we found it didn't suit us and decided to scrap it and move on to the next project.
Instructables-Podcast How Do I?

Archive of Podcast Clips
00 - Bro-Bot, A friend who's always there
01 - A Day Late and a Dollar Short
02 - A Lot of Pressure, and a Sharp Tug
03 - Spring Cleaning
04 - A Bit of Chemistry and More Cleanup
05 - A Make Forum Special
06 - Meditating in 3D
07 - Building Mobile
08 - The Podcast of Questionable Legality
09 - Krafty Basterds
10 - Amplifying Game Development
11 - The Sneaky Snoopy Special
12 - Getting Around
13 - The Daring Adventures of Elephant A. Land
14 - Maker Chats - Mikeasaurus
15 - Rise of the Supervillian
16 - How to Make a Death Ray (Supervillains Part 2)
17 - Fire from the Sky (Supervillains Part 3)
18 - The Final Showdown (Supervillains Part 4)
19 - Drilling for Speakers
20 - Caught in a Tangent
21 - Playing with Water and Electricity
22 - So Long and Thanks for All the Fun
23 - Creating a DIY Tutorial Song
24 - The LED Bop