Web Comparison

Web Comparison

"The program pulls in and sorts all of my classes data when you open the sketch."

Web Comparison Video [5.73MB]
While no longer working (as the data it's looking for has been removed from the website), you can still see all of the original sketches and video of it working below.

You can find the video of the working application in the "More" section to the left. The program pulls in and sorts all of my classes data when you open the sketch, it takes several seconds to process everything. This is the grey screen at the beginning that I opted to put my titles over.

The sketch pulled in and aggregrated all of the information from the students in my processing class, and put them on different scales allowing everyone to compare themselves to each other.

The initial screen shows all of the students profile images, and three options to click at the bottom of the screen.

Points by Type: There were three different ways to gain points in class, sketchs, blogs, and comments on other users blogs. This graphs each person, how many points they have compared to everyone else, and how they achieved them.

Points by Total: Just takes the total number of points you have and puts your image on a bar graph with everyone else in the class. Height represents your total number of points, length along the x-axis represents when you created your account on the website as compared with everyone else. You can change the layout from horizontial to vertical by pushing the h and v keys respectively.

Posts by Date: Yellow dots are sketches people posted and blue dots represent blog posts. Each dot is transparent so brighter colors represent overlapping posts. Y-axis represents users, x-axis represents the date.